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Vududoors Giugiaro Kleeman raptor LSD decah RAPTOR Door System
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R.A.P.T.O.R teazer
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RAPTOR door hinge mechanism description: Raptor is the most complex and spectacular design ever conceived. The name "raptor" doors was derived from the actual raptor mechanismís working parts and function,(known in the custom-car world as "raptor" doors) R.A.P.T.O.R the recoil actuated pivoting torsion orbital retractor door mechanism deploys a combination of geared rotational pivots.
  • Recoil: The RAPTOR door hinge has a built in mechanism that is connected to all the working parts that allows the door to return to the horizontal closed position after being opened. The geared rotational pivot operates simultaneously with the torsion arm, in an outward arc and forces the door to open and close in one smooth action.
  • Actuated: The entire mechanism is designed and built to operate in one smooth movement .This is the most complex design for any door hinge ever made. The hinge does resemble the action of the Koenigsegg doors but works without the gas struts. This is by far the most superior hinge available on the market.
  • Pivoting: The geared rotational pivoting mechanism, in conjunction with the torsion bar and the orbital retractor mechanism, allows the door to move out from its original position in a sideways motion (like a draw being opened) whilst building tension on the recoil mechanism and the retractor arm allowing the geared orbital cluster to swing the door freely to the open position.
  • Torsion: The torsion arm is tensioned by both the recoil and the retractor mechanisms, which in turn control the outward motion speed and position of the door in both the open and closed positions.
  • Orbital: The orbital cluster works together with the retractor mechanism and is actuated by the torsion arm and the recoil mechanism, forcing the door to pivot out and down in a singular motion.
  • Retractor: The retractor mechanism in turn, as with al the components is connected to the actuator, that in turn allows the door to return to the fully closed position, effortlessly.
  • These door hinges have the Koenigsegg and Kleemann look,. . . .at an affordable price.
  • There is no other door system available that works like the raptor doors
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