"Raptor"™ Doors is the only Manufacturers and world wide suplier of
RAPTOR™ Doors door mechanisms. "Raptor Doors"™ are patented and trademarked.

The only "RAPTOR"™ doors
Raptor your ride, with the Koenigsegg door look . . . . get RAPTOR'ED

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Vududoors Giugiaro Kleeman raptor LSD decah RAPTOR Door System
Turn your car into the ultimate show piece.
R.A.P.T.O.R teazer
The ultimate RAPTOR car door conversion assembly kit.. . . get RAPTOR'ED.
Koenigsegg doors were purpose built door hinge mechanisms for the ultimate sports car called "dihedral synchro-helix" actuation doors: We have spent the last three years designing and building Keonigsegg style door hinges, to fit normal production cars. We call them Raptor door hinges.
  • They are designed to open in the same way as the Keonigsegg door hinge.
  • With the same effortless action as an hydraulic Kleeman Hinge.
  • with the precision of the original factory fitted door hinges.
  • To give your car the flair and desirable look,
  • at an affordable price, only one problem exists. . . . . .
  • What will the girlfriend say. . . .if you came home with this?.
  • We donít sell hinges. . . . We sell life changers!
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