There are various ways to customise your vehicle. Be sure you choose the Raptor way
You can be like the guy next door. . . or you can get Raptor'ed

Many have tried to recreate the ultimate door action. . . .We reinvented it
It is not car customization . . . it is Personalisation.

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Get Raptor’ed, be the first, drift in style.
R.A.P.T.O.R close up
The ultimate car door conversion assembly kit. Define your style.
  • The R.A.P.T.O.R.E.D assembly is unique in every way
  • The only aftermarket door hinge assembly that opens in an outward arc.

    The most commonly used name in aftermarket door hinges is Scissor doors or lambo style doors also referred to as Vertical Door Conversions, gull wing doors, lambo door conversion, lambolook, Lamborghini style, LSD Doors, Wings, Wing doors, Custom Door hinges, tuning, car styling, , going vertical, car wings, Vertical Doors, Vertical Door Kits - Aftermarket Lambo Style Door Conversion Kits, delorean doors, lift doors ,door conversions, Vertical Door Conversions, 90 degree lambo style doors, Also Known As Trick, Lambo VDC, VDI or Butterfly Door Conversions. Kits, sets, bolt-on, weld-on, and so-on.

    All of these with some success and failures, they don’t open far enough, high enough, you need to get out of the car to open the door to “show of “ style.. . . . . Then comes the latest design marvel dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors, or Dihedral Synchro-Helix Door Actuation, AKA Koenigsegg doors. They work on a geared rotational pivot that operates simultaneously with a parallel arm, in an outward arc. Balanced by gas struts the doors come out parallel as they swing up and rotate down to allow entry. The doors require minimal area around them and above the vehicle, giving complete access to the car in confined areas the only problem is that you have to buy the car to get the hinges. . And it comes with a huge price tag.

    So we designed our own Koenigsegg style door hinges better known as the ultimate car door hinge conversion. .or as we call it RAPTOR doors, or for the technical buff’s Recoil Actuated Pivoting Torsion Orbital Retractor Doors. Our raptor doors mimic the Koenigsegg door action but works on a completely different concept. Our raptor wings can be fitted in 3 different positions, creating the Lambo look with a 90 degree entry door pivoting above or below the fender , or the Koenigsegg look with the door pivoting next to the fender, and my favourite the RAPTOR look.

    RAPTOR can supply and fit high-quality Koenigsegg style raptor doors to any sports car. We have five different models in production, and cater for the more serious elite car customizing fanatics. We do not supply Raptor wings for common garden variety cars, but have fitted a few due to the extreme demand of our product It adds a more spectacular new - er, angle - to a car which is already easy on the eye. With a fit and finish that matches original equipment due to three-dimensional adjustments being possible.

    with our mechanism, the otherwise unchanged doors open first outward, and then gently glide downward parallel to the body of the car and stop. The Raptor doors are recoil actuated thus a simple tug is all it takes to close the door. The doors will not be able to open in the conventional way after fitment of the raptor doors . . . then again why would you want to. The original doors are used in the conversion, and with the standard unit a serious amount of skill is required to fit it .

    At Raptor we are not in competition with other manufacturers in the sense that we cater for a completely different market.

    Purpose made, patents pending.

    These RAPTOR conversion door hinges were to be launched on the 22 September 2007 but due to legal issues we have had to postpone this till December

    Please check and verify that you are getting the Original RAPTOR DOOR conversion set when you purchase any conversion kits.

    Don’t be fooled by imitations .

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